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An Insight Into Oman

Globally recognised for its architecture and the gift of nature, the beauty of Oman attracts millions and millions of travellers annually. Uniquely nestled on the Southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, a traveller can come across tranquil landscapes and breathtaking sceneries. Whether you explore beaches or go in for various adventures, you will find something extraordinary everywhere. The tourist places in Oman will make your vacation an unforgettable one. From adventurous activities to heritage tours, a traveller will have plenty of things to do in the country.

The postcard-like beauty of Muscat, the amazing mountains of Barka and the charm of Rustaq should be witnessed by all. When it comes to the enriching experience of nature, move towards the turtle sanctuary at Ras al Jinz, or enjoy a tour of the dunes of the Wahiba Sands. Also, you can swim through the river in Wadi Shab. Apart from this, the historical places in Oman are equally attractive, with several forts, castles and gold-domed mosques all around the country. Above all, people's hospitality will leave an everlasting impression on you.

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Hot spots in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman- A hidden treasure of the Middle-East

A Village with Unique Features

Situated 1,000 m above sea level on the mountain foothills, Misfat Al Abriyeen is a charming mountainous village. The village has its name from the Al Abri tribe. Recently, it has attracted tourists due to some extraordinary features. Unique agricultural terraces, amazing alleys, and old houses on the hilltop make it an alluring site for travellers. Near the entrance to the village, the travellers come across a viewing platform. The platform shows the village map, its history and tips for visiting the main points. The houses are traditional mud houses with palm frond roofs. The villagers' primary source of livelihood is agriculture.

An Ideal Island for Relaxation

Surrounded by mesmerising beaches and thrilling water sports, Masirah Island is a beautiful weekend holiday destination. It is the largest island in Oman. With cool breeze coming from the Arabian Sea, the island proves to be a paradise for kitesurfing. It is a natural habitat for various species of turtles. The months from January to March and November to December are the ideal period to visit Masirah Island as the weather is pleasant. The different resorts and hotels serve various delicacies to the travellers' satisfaction. The most attraction for the travellers is its surroundings and soothing climate.

A Reflection of Medieval Islamic Period

Crowned as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bahla is a small Oasis settlement lying in the Dakhliya region of Oman. It is home to traditional houses, a market, a mosque, the fortification wall and much more. Dating back to the 13th century, Bahla Fort is a notable attraction to this place. Besides this, the town has gained immense recognition for its various designs of pottery and silver artefacts sold in the old souq. Many Arabic legends have left their footprints in this region. Capture the view of the entire settlement with palm groves from the Western side, close to the Jabrin entrance.

Dip in the Rich Beauty of Nature

Excellently nestled on the coast of the Arabian Sea, Salalah is an abode of the Sultan of Oman. Surrounded by beaches and lush green mountains, the beauty of this place is a joy forever. Adventures can go in for various activities, such as snorkelling, diving, etc. In addition, the vibes of the climate encircle travellers with utmost peace and relaxation. Besides, it is a fascinating city with deep-rooted history and rich traditions. A visit to mosques, museums, forts and souks offers glimpses of the vibrant culture and tradition. Unlike any other city in Oman, it is truly a place to discover at least once in a lifetime.

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Oman is a versatile destination. You discover amazing mysteries in various ways. Head to the land of secrets and explore the country like you want to.

Religious Tourism

With several religious sites on its lap, the chants of hymns can be heard in every section of the Sultanate of Oman. Spreading messages of spirituality, the country receives thousands and thousands of travellers annually.

Cultural Tourism

Taking pride in heritage sites and the rich history of seafaring, trading, and exploration, the cultural tourism of Oman is an experience in itself. Several attractions, cultural shows and events give insights into long-standing traditions blended excellently with modern-day living.

Leisure Tourism

When it comes to leisure tourism, the Sultanate of Oman stays ahead of all. Dotted with beaches, wadis and deserts, the country offers a plethora of things to do. Indeed, a visit to this place for leisurely activities will be exceptional.

Medical Tourism

Offering world-class healthcare facilities and natural healing methods, Oman is also a famous medical tourism destination. It is home to some of the top medical professionals, facilitating plenty of pocket-friendly treatments.

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